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At the Core

CumulusGate offers easy integration and a comprehensive license management back-end and front-end for your software and clients - big or small.

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Cloud-based licensing with desktop integration. A modern approach to license management through web services

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Easy Integration

Minimal effort integration. Nuget packages for easy application integration with minimal additional coding required. No commitment required - it is free* to use

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License Management

Web-based frontend for license management - single licensing, bulk licensing and enterprise licensing

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Management Tools | License Management, Assignment and Reporting from One Dashboard

Quickly review your software and licenses (for users and developers). Manage license setups; software sales; license usage (single- or enterprise licensing) through CumulusGate. Choose how you want to issue and renew your licenses. We provide the platform, you control how it works for you.

  • View / renew current licenses
  • Manage owned applications
  • Manage Enterprise User licenses
  • Manage your Application settings and display
  • Optional manual assignment of users (single, enterprise and trial)
  • View real-time usage reports
  • Step 1

    Standalone and Enterprise | Issue Single licenses or Bulk Licensing using Enterprise Features

    Whether you require single-user licensing options or bulk enterprise licensing options - we cater for both! Issue licenses directly to your clients or use our automated system through the Software Shop.

  • Have customers administrate their own users, easily
  • Assign new users using either single or bulk assignment
  • Remove users when required
  • Register new applications easily
  • Link your business PayPal and / or Stripe account(s) to automate licensing
  • Flexible license options
  • Step 2

    Software Shop | Sell More With Us

    Published Apps will appear on our Software Shop automatically. From here, potential clients can purchase your software directly. The Shop may be connected to your PayPal and / or Stripe account(s) so you'll receive your sales directly. In addition, licenses are issued automatically, so all you have to do is to sit back and watch your business grow!

  • One-stop shop for all registered applications
  • Activate a trial version of applications
  • Reach more potential clients
  • Purchase software using our PayPal and / or Stripe integrations
  • Optional purchase methods for credit card
  • Link purchases directly to your business PayPal and / or Stripe account(s)
  • Step 3

    Easily Publish Apps | Setting Up Is Fast & Easy

    Setting up a new developer account and publishing your first app takes minutes. It is easy and fast. We provide sample C#, VB.Net and JavaScript code to help you fast-track the process. We also provide support to help you integrate into your own solutions.

  • Overview of current registered applications
  • Monitor real-time usage
  • Register new applications
  • Update your application info whenever you require
  • Minimal input required
  • Real-time update
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    How does it Work?

    Have a look at our quick overview video below:

    Pricing Structure

    Our pricing model is based on value of sales (billed monthly)

    Monthly bill will be determined on total monthly sales value, based on one of three groups (calculated from application total monthly sales / licenses issued), refer below:

    Group 1

    7% of Sales Revenue

    Less than $2k (sales) / mo

    • Single licensing
    • Enterprise licensing
    • Trial licensing
    • Software Store listing
    • PayPal + Stripe Integration
    • Support Response within 24 hrs

    Group 2

    5% of Sales Revenue

    $2k to $10k (sales) / mo

    • Single licensing
    • Enterprise licensing
    • Trial licensing
    • Software Store listing
    • PayPal + Stripe Integration
    • Support Response within 24 hrs

    Group 3

    3% of Sales Revenue

    Above $10k (sales) / mo

    • Single licensing
    • Enterprise licensing
    • Trial licensing
    • Software Store listing
    • PayPal + Stripe Integration
    • Support Response within 24 hrs

    Integrate CumulusGate into your code:

    Use of CumulusGate Software or Services is strictly bound to our License Agreement. By using CumulusGate Software or Services you agree to these terms.

    Download / Install:

    Download the Nuget packages from Visual Studio or from here:
    NuGet Package
    Download the VB.Net sample solution here:
    VB.Net Sample App
    Download the C# sample solution here:
    C# Sample App
    Install / Restore the CumulusGate NuGet package in order to compile.

    VB.Net Sample Usage:

    Public Class Form1

      Dim xlic As New"", "123456", "ABC-DEF-001")

      Private Sub Button1_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click

        Dim objlicense As = xlic.ReturnLicenseDetails()

      End Sub

    End Class

    'Closing the license session:

    Private Sub Form1_FormClosing(sender As Object, e As FormClosingEventArgs) Handles MyBase.FormClosing

      If xlic IsNot Nothing Then


      End If

    End Sub

    C# Sample Usage:

    public partial class Form1 : Form
      { xlic = new"", "123456", "ABC-DEF-001");
        public Form1()
        private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
 objlicense = xlic.ReturnLicenseDetails();

    //Closing the license session:
    private void Form1_FormClosing(object sender, FormClosingEventArgs e)
      if (xlic != null)

    It is that simple, from here you are able to process the returned license object (structure) with the following properties:

      // Global properties:
    • gotLicense As Boolean
    • isTrial As Boolean
    • isExpired - Boolean
    • isEnterprise - Boolean
    • isEnterpriseMaxed - Boolean
    • isAlreadyLoggedIn - Boolean
    • hadPreviousTrial - Boolean
    • // Standard license properties:
    • datExpires - Date
    • datTrialExpires - Date
    • datcreated_at - Date
    • strnotes - String
    • datlastaccess - Date
    • // Enterprise license properties:
    • datEntExpires - Date
    • datEntCreated_at - Date
    • datEntLastAccess - Date
    • strEntAdmins - String
    • strEntUsers - String
    • intEntTotal - Integer
    • intEntAccessed - Integer
    • // Product properties:
    • strVendor - String
    • strProduct - String
    • strUrl -As String
    • strCycle - String
    • isDisabled - Boolean
    • intTrialdef - Integer
    • // User Properties:
    • intID As Integer
    • strLoggedNode As String
    • strDeviceNode As String
    • strUserEmail As String
    • strAppCode As String
    • trialNode As String

    Learn how to implement our JavaScript library (beta) here:
    HTML + JavaScript Sample App

    Contact Us

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