Maximum encryption through secure data channels. We do all the hard work so you have peace-of mind and can focus on your core app development

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Choose your license preferences and how to integrate into your existing solutions. We provide the functional logic, you choose how to implement

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Minimal effort integration. Nuget packages for easy application integration with minimal additional coding required. Detailed code examples provided 

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About Us

Intelligent License Management is complex and costly for most ISV’s but critical for all Software Developers. From our experience and talking with ISV’s, their consistent requirements were:

  • Exceptional Protection, Authentication & Authorization
  • Automated Licensing activation
  • Supporting Licensing for desktop, web and mobile applications
  • Easy to use Management Tools, Dashboards and integration to 3rd party business tools

CumulusGate provides all this functionality ++.  We have also included CumulusGate Shop as another Sales Channel for ISV’s boosting sales and operating 24x7 without any required interaction from ISV teams.

The Best Kept Secret of License Management Systems…

CumulusGate was designed and built to support Intelligent License Management for ISV's – it is not a hereditary system with adjunct add-ons.

Our aim is to bring exceptional services to our Customers and your Customers.  CumulusGate was designed to bring value to ISV's through:

  • Expediting revenue streams
  • Cost savings through reducing time with processing and procedures and
  • Reducing your support time required for basic queries & actions

All of which result in huge savings… without the time/investment of designing your own License Management System.

The Value-Add you will bring for your customers, is time saving and easy management of their Licensing investment through the Enterprise Management Tools.


Intelligent License Management

CumulusGate has been developed for License Management and not an adjunct to hereditary systems.  CumulusGate offers an extraordinary licensing solution that aims to improve and expedite the licensing process and procedure for your products & services. Offering combined identity management & license management through unique device fingerprinting identification.

CumulusGate is built to offer convenience and value to you and your customers, being flexible, fast, and easy to use.

We provide a very simple, yet sophisticated API that includes all of the software licensing functionality required by ISV’s and end users today. Providing ‘Floating’ and ‘Node-Locking’ to your Users and a number of other License Models to support your business.

What is very special about CumulusGate is having a ‘live update’ service reducing any inconvenience to your Customers and reducing additional time for your teams – update anytime, anywhere convenient to you.

CumulusGate is in the Cloud, no longer requiring you to host servers or work with expensive license dongles. Ensuring you are protected and giving business continuity through any Disaster Recovery episodes.

How It Works

"CumulusGate Licensing allow us to fully concentrate on developing products for our clients, thanks to this easy and safe licensing integration solution.
We've enjoyed delivering our apps through CumulusGate Licensing since day 1 and we feel that our intellectual property is protected."

Jonas Grazys (Complete-CAD,


Our licensing service is cloud-based and provides "floating" or "node-locked" licenses to your end-users.

This is a modern approach to how we work and allow users to access software that they paid for from wherever they may be, without the need for usb-dongles; or server licenses; or annoying license key files sent back-and-forth.

Our libraries are obfuscated with our very own, maximum strength, anti-reverse engineering compilers and authorization information is transferred from our license server to your application using the best possible encryption.

Our authentication system is lightning-fast and requires minimal data traffic, using maximum security https and hsts protocols, combined with SHA-256 encryption.

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Using our dedicated user-level management areas, easily manage your client licenses, whether single users or Enterprise users.

Single end-users also have the ability to view their own usage, and to shop for additional licenses.

We also understand that your users might have interrupted internet access at times, this is why we've added a "grace period" sample function to our sample solutions (further down this page) which you may choose to implement in your own solutions.

Enterprise users are provided with a "User Management" area where elected Enterprise Administrators have the ability to manage their own groups of users. This is great for large organisations using bulk licensing.

You also have the ability to link your business PayPal and / or Stripe account(s) to your published applications, enabling an automated "license purchase-to-license assignment" process.

We also offer an optional trial facility so that you are able to provide trial licensing automatically to your users.

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Our extension libraries can be downloaded through Nuget packages when using Visual Studio or directly from this site (scroll further down this page).

Integrating our service into your own applications is easy and requires minimal coding!

You may choose how and where to integrate licensing into your software, through our service.

We currently support .Net Framework and JavaScript - more to follow soon.

A Developer Management Area allows you to specify license behaviour and automation, while tracking current users and soon-to-expire licenses and usage.

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You may sign up and use this service free of charge. Enjoy the full features of CumulusGate Licensing while in trial mode.

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